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Covid-19 vaccine update USA |Distributed to 20M

Covid-19 vaccine updates the USA. Distributed to 20M. Very significantly in the manufacturing of this vaccine in such a way as to when we have the clinical efficacy demonstration with these vaccines. We would also have vaccine doses that we’re able to immunize, the US population. So the two vaccines that are completing that phase three trials are likely to be filing.

Covid-19 vaccine update USA

They’re filed with the FDA for potential emergency use authorization within the next few weeks. And hopefully, if approved. They could be used for immunization in the US population in the month of December.

Covid-19 vaccine update USA

We plan to have enough Covid-19 vaccine doses available for use in the US population to immunize about 20 million individuals in the month of December. And another 25 to 30 million per month on an ongoing basis. From there on, and as of the month of February or March. If we have more Covid-19 vaccine approved such as the life vectored Covid-19 vaccine. We may be able to immunize a larger number of Americans on an ongoing basis per month.

Covid-19 vaccine update USA toady

Covid-19 vaccine update USA |Distributed to 20M

Mr. President said

We also looked at therapeutics, and we have worked with a number of companies developing monoclonal antibodies in particular that are able to neutralize the virus. As Mr president said we have announced partnerships with Eli Lilly with Regeneron and with AstraZeneca. And among the ELI Lilly’s monoclonal. The antibody was granted emergency use authorization to treat patients that are infected and at risk of hospitalization.

Original monoclonal antibodies

Original monoclonal antibodies have been also filed organization which is currently under review and is potentially reaching approval within the next few weeks. And finally AstraZeneca just in the last few days, has received a green light to start large phase three trials with their monoclonal antibodies, supported by operational warp speed to prevent the acquisition of COVID-19 disease in very frail subjects, or in very high-risk subjects as a protective primitive to the Covid-19 vaccine.

So, potentially to the Covid-19 vaccine and therapeutics may be granted an emergency use authorization before the end of this year.

COVID-19 World MAP

Covid-19 vaccine update USA |Distributed to 20M

It is important

It is important to know that this progress has been achieved without any political interference. I said it many times. And at every step has been and is being judged by independent expert bodies, whether it’s when the FDA grants the green light to go into clinical trials, or whether, when the data safety monitoring boards. Review the safety of the studies on an ongoing basis, and sometimes put them on hold, as I’m sure you have witnessed with the AstraZeneca vaccine policies.

Safety of the Vaccines

And these same data safety monitoring boards are the independent boards of experts that analyze. The efficacy of the Covid-19 vaccine and the safety of the vaccines and tell the companies. Whether they should progress with the finding of an emergency use authorization, or not, it’s not the company. It’s not operational speed. It’s not the US government. It is independent experts that assess the safety and efficacy of the Covid-19 vaccine that is being tested.

Public Advice

And when the FDA will review these vaccines and therapeutics. They will also have advice. Public advice from Boris one of them is called the verb practice is the advisory board. The FDA for vaccine reuse on whether after reviewing the data transparently and available to everybody to look into. Before the FDA then make its decision to either authorize the Covid-19 vaccine or not authorized.

Developed and Accelerate

On that basis, I personally feel very comfortable saying that the vaccines and the therapeutics. That we have developed and accelerate will be judged independently. And if approved should be used by all in the population. Because I believe vaccination is likely to be the cornerstone among all the other measures that we have to take to help us really control this pandemic.

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