Best budget Primo HM9 smartphone with 3GB RAM!

At present, smartphones are a part of our daily routine. And as such, a high quality smartphone is always on our list of needs. Many times we need to buy a good smartphone for someone or for ourselves, but the budget may not always be too much. So this article is arranged so that you can make a good deal with every part of your hard earned money. Here we have arranged a great smartphone with a house budget of 8599 thousand; Which will be the best smartphone for you in this budget. Being a smartphone

Primo HM5

For those on a budget who want a smartphone that allows multitasking, gaming, and all the other things that people usually do on a smartphone, the Primo HM5 is incomparable. The smartphone is made of fine plastic uni-body material. The smartphone will have a 6.1-inch HD Plus IPS display. This smartphone will get MediaTek’s Helio A20 chipset made with 12 nanometer technology, which is a 1.6 GHz clock speed quad core CPU. The smartphone will be backed up by a 4GB RAM, with 64GB of internal storage on the device. The price of this great smartphone is only 8599 Tk.

Primo HM5 at a glance
6.1 inch IPS panel display
Dual camera setup with 13 megapixel Sony primary sensor
8 megapixel front selfie camera
MediaTek Helio A20 chipset

You can watch a Review video to know more details about Primo HM5 smartphone.

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