Best 8 Bill Splitting Apps of 2021

Bill parting applications help you and your companions track, split, and pay shared costs across the board place.The best bill parting applications incorporate progressed highlights like the capacity to transfer receipts or cover further developed bill parting—like when one couple during supper needs to pay together, or when you consent to go 25/75 rather than 50/50 on a bill. When every one of your costs are transferred, you’ll have the alternative to one or the other settle up outside of the application or pay each other straightforwardly in the application.

Best Bill Splitting Apps of 2021Best

1.Overall: Splitwise
2.Best for Roomates: Splittr
3.Best for Splitting Restaurant Bills: Tab
4.Best for Couples: Settle Up
5.Best for Students: Cash App
6.Best for iOS: Plates by Splitwise
7.Best for Android: Venmo
8.Best for Receipt Uploads: Snap & Split Bill

Compare the Best Bill Splitting Apps

CompanyPremium Version Fees No. Users per Split Platform Supports Receipt Upload 
Splitwise Best Overall$2.99 per month, $29.99 per yearFree with debit card or linked bank account, 2.9% to 3% with credit cardUnlimitediOS, Android, web-basedYes, in Premium
Splittr Best for Roommates $0.99 per month, $3.49 per year, $10.99 lifetime No in-app payment integration Unlimited iOS, Android No 
Tab Best for Splitting Restaurant Bills N/A Free with debit card or linked bank account, 3% with credit card Unlimited iOS, Android Yes 
Settle Up Best for Couples $0.99per month, $10.99 per lifetime No in-app payment integration Unlimited iOS, Android, Microsoft Yes, in Premium 
Cash App Best for Students N/A Free with cash app balance, debit card or linked bank account, 3% with credit card No splitting in app  iOS, Android No 
Plates by Splitwise Best for iOS N/A No in-app payment integration Up to 10 iOS No 
Venmo Best for Android N/A Free with Venmo balance, debit card, or linked bank account, 3% with credit card No splitting in app iOS, Android No 
Snap & Split Bill Best for Receipt Uploads $8.99 per year, $19.99 lifetime No in-app payment integration Unlimited Android Yes 

The most effective method to Choose the Best Bill Splitting App

While picking a bill parting application for your requirements:

Search for an application that limits charges while giving every one of the highlights you need.

Go with an application that has a free form as long as it has what you need.

Ensure the application permits you to add however many clients as there are in your gathering.

Search for receipt transfers on the off chance that you add costs with numerous things regularly.

Pick an application with cutting edge bill dividing choices on the off chance that you like to part by careful sums as opposed to similarly

Get an application that allows you to demand cash and send suggestions to stay away from off-kilter discussions with companions.

As often as possible Asked Questions

How Do Bill Splitting Apps Work?

Bill parting applications permit you to follow bunch costs and split them up across numerous clients. The best bill parting applications then, at that point consequently compute who owes how much cash and to whom. From that point, you can settle up all alone or through the application, contingent upon the application’s installment alternatives.

The amount Does it Cost to Use a Bill Splitting App?

Most bill parting applications are allowed to download and utilize yet many expect you to move up to a paid adaptation to get to premium highlights. These exceptional forms typically cost somewhere in the range of $0.99 to $2.99 each month, and many offer more moderate yearly and lifetime plans.

Is It Worth Paying For a Bill Splitting App?

Numerous individuals will track down that the free bill parting applications offer a lot of usefulness for their necessities. Nonetheless, in the event that you have more mind boggling bill dividing needs, need the comfort of cutting edge highlights like receipt transfers, or need planning highlights for progressing circumstances, a top notch bill parting application may be great.


To give an exhaustive examination, we audited more than 25 mainstream bill parting applications. When contrasting distinctive applications, we saw client audits just as the highlights offered and estimating structure. To limit the most ideal alternatives, we surveyed the entire cycle for making gatherings, transferring and dividing costs, and settling up in each application, preferencing applications with a strong free form that adjusts progressed highlights with a simple to-utilize, visual interface.

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