6 Proven Ways to Actually Make Money Online in 2021

“How do I making money online?”

Many of my friends asked me that question because of my last post about 5 incorrect ways to make money online this 2021.

In fact, many people even say that making money online is a lie. They think everything is already created, and there is no way to compete with the famously people that are actually making money.

The reality is that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel, create the next social network, or make a product that will solve a problem that everybody has to making good money working online.

All you need is a proven idea that has worked well for others and then executes it with your personal touch.

As long as you take the time to learn something correctly and understand that a project’s success requires time, patience, and constant improvement, you will achieve it.

“Your input determines your outlook. Your outlook determines your output, and your output determines your future.”

— Zig Ziglar

Keep in mind that I can tell you right now a hundred ways to make thousands of dollars online, but if you don’t do your research correctly after this post and don’t put in the time to achieve it, you won’t even make a dollar.

And this is because there is no such thing as easy money.

With that in mind, today, I bring you 5 proven ways to make money online that I have been testing and work. I chose those jobs because they are low risk, low cost, and you can learn them for free.

1.Starting a blog

With currently around 133 million blogs on the internet, it seems hard to believe that you can still make money creating one. However, many people still become successful writing on the internet every day.

That’s because there is little quality information around the internet. So if you are good and original enough, you can stand out quickly. Only a few blogs get to earn relevant amounts because people are unwilling to invest the time necessary to reach that goal.

I starting writing in 2020. In 8 months, I built an audience that is leaving me 4 figures a month. And I am not the only one, my friends started blogging professionally in October, and one of them could go viral in 2021.

The world of writing on the internet is quite extensive, and you can talk about many themes. Even though there are many blogs already, that doesn’t mean there is a good blog in your area.

“If you can find a way to create value — that is, add value for a massive number of people — you will have an opportunity to have a massive amount of economic abundance in your life.”

— Tony Robbins

2.Software developmental

I have been a Software Developer for 5 years. Without a doubt, I can tell you that the market is growing up and every day there are more jobs in the area.

With the pandemic, many software companies decided to go completely remote. If there were already good offers before, in 2021, there will be more opportunities for developers to work at home.

The salary range for a Software developer goes from $30,000 a junior developer to more than $120,000 annually in the United States.

The good news is that you don’t need to spend years of study to be a developer, and you don’t need to be an expert in the field to get started. I got my first job when I was 17, having taken technical courses and no work experience.

Currently, there are many programming courses online on pages like Udemy, Code academy or Coursera, that you can do from 3 to 6 months. If the course is good and you are really passionate about coding, you will do projects and create your own portfolio in those six months.

If you don’t want to start programming directly from the beginning, you can get a job on the software team in one of the following areas

3. Android application

We see applications on versatile. There are numerous applications on our mobile. We introduce an application from the play store. There are a huge number of applications accessible on the play store.

Have you actually consider how the proprietor of the application procuring from? They are acquiring from the application which we are utilizing on our cell phones. They procure $1000 every month. This is one of the best way to make money online in 2021 and it’s completely free. Also Many People Earning Using Phone.You Also know this Matter : 9 Ways To Make Money Online Using Phone-2021

This is additionally perhaps the most ideal approach to bring in cash online in World in 2021. In the event that we can create applications and lunch on play store. We can likewise bring in cash in the world in 2021.

4.YouTube & Content creator

The content creator is easier than ever. A few years ago, you can only monetize your content via YouTube. Currently, there are hundreds of platforms with which you can making money by having an audience

TikTok has a creator program, Twitch has a creator program, and even Facebook has one too.

Those platforms have a big audience that is only growing. If you manage to start a popular channel or page that gets many views, you could make a lot of money from it.

You don’t even need a professional camera to get started. I started my YouTube channel only with my cell phone and a $14 microphone I bought on Amazon.

My audience has growing because of the type of content I do and the value I give to my followers. So as long as you have a good idea and a positive message to share, the followers will come.

5.Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is basically get paid to recommend products. You don’t need to have a large audience to start, and you don’t even need to buy any product.

This business has always been one of the most popular and effective ways to make money online, and that’s not about to change anytime soon.

If you have many followers, you can also do influencer marketing, which is getting payments from big brands for using and sponsoring their products.

This type of marketing started in 2019 thanks to Ben Francis, and currently, brands such as Fashion Nova, Shein, and Forever21 use this strategy to promote their clothes.

To start recommending products, Amazon only requires you the URL of the page where you are going to publish the products. I only had 100 subscribers on my Youtube Chanel when they approved my account. Big brands that send you clothes and money require you to have a minimum of 5000 followers.

Currently, amazon gives between 2–5% commission. But if you learn quickly how to get sponsors from other brands, you can get up to 25–30%.

You can learn how to promote products in Udemy and Skillshare courses, and you can promote your webpage on social networks like Pinterest or Tiktok.

6.Create a good investment portfolio

An investment portfolio is to allocate an amount of money in percentages for stocks or cryptocurrencies.

It is different from daily trading because you do not need to spend all day seeing if it will rise or fall to make a move, which I don’t recommend if you do not have enough knowledge.

If you want to start making this type of investment, I recommend you contact a financial advisor or read and watch many videos of what stocks or currencies will be safe to invest in this year before making your own decision.

Last year, I invested in 10 popular stocks, and I earned 20% of the investments I made.

Finaly thoughts

Nowadays, there are good ways to earn money online. Focusing on what is really worthwhile and learning correctly can help you run a great business from home

The best advice I can give you is to look for what you can last all day working because you like it and the payment will only be part of that success.

You can choose any one of the 6 topics discussed above. If you spend time on that topic from today, I hope you can make money online in a few days. There are many ways to make money online. Here are 5 ways to make money online in 2021.
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